Extended Metaphor

Dear Poker Q and A,
I have a pretty serious question about poker but I guess it’s actually about life. What should I do when I’m playing Texas Hold’em online and I happen to get a Seven and a Two for my hole cards? I mean, this happens to me way more than the average person I guess, but maybe I attract it into my life because that’s all I expect? Does poker work like that – can the deck listen to your heart and only give you how much you think you deserve? Is that why the best poker players happen to be d-bags, because they’ve got an inflated sense of self and their ego creates an environment that echoes their messed up egotistical self image? Because every time I get the seven and the two, I feel like there’s a little voice whispering in the back of my mind saying “Take what you can get, play these terrible hole cards, you won’t get anything better so just roll with what you’ve got.” That voice sounds suspiciously like my stepmother. Anyway, I just wonder if playing the cards would be sort of a “love the one you’re with” scenario, but am I crazy? Am I just supposed to fold the seven and two, surrender my pot, and watch from the sidelines while people play better cards that I’ll never get?

Extended Metaphor.

Dear Extended Metaphor.


Poker isn’t really a great metaphor for life. Do you need a hug? *HUG*