About Us

Poker Q and A was started by Jack Brennan, a poker player and coach with a passion for teaching and bluffing alike. Here’s a personal letter detailing his story and welcoming readers to the site:

“When I started Poker Q and A, I wanted it to be a question and answer site for those players just starting out to get a feel for the game. But it turned into something so much more than that. Poker Q and A turned into the place where poker players of all levels, abilities and professions could gather and come to a mutual understanding and respect for one another.

As a poker player, I love the game and that love comes straight through when I see someone discover the different dynamics of the game for the first time. As a coach, I love seeing that moment of clarity descend on a player who just ‘levels up’ and absorbs a new skill or concept that will help them become better players and win more pots.

There’s something really satisfying about seeing people come through to Poker Q and A  from Google searches, and seeing our articles being tweeted and shared throughout social media because somebody found it helpful and had to share. That’s what makes this all worthwhile, the true fact that when you’re helping people, you’re helping yourself.

So thank you straight from my heart to every Poker Q and A reader, questioner and answerer, because you guys make it all worthwhile.