Hey Poker Q and A,

Firstly, love the blog. I wanted to ask a question about poker strategy: I’ve been reading up on tight aggressive strategy and that it’s recommended for starters. Well the problem is, it worked great at first but I had to be a sucker and tell everyone in my poker circle which books I’ve been reading because I wanted more of a challenge since I was cleaning them out every week! Now they’re all applying tight aggressive and not only has our poker circle a little less fun, but it’s kinda predictable now too. I just wonder if it’s time for me to move over to a loose aggressive strategy, or maybe I should forget about it and go for a different strategy altogether? Any advice would be great. Please visit casinos real money and make extra cash.

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Thanks guys!
– Aggro

Hey Aggro,

First off, thanks for the compliment, we love hearing feedback from our readers. Secondly, you definitely did the right thing sharing your books and expertise with your poker circle, because cleaning out week after week is way less fun than an action packed game with equals! So kudos for sharing your knowledge. Now for the nuts and bolts: if you’re playing with tight aggressives, loose agressive isn’t the best option because you get involved in too many pots for comfort, especially since your username suggests you like going to the showdown. Try working on your bluffing and introduce an element of randomness into your play.